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  • WA police licence: S59561
  • Cabling licence: 52736 (ASIAL)

About us

Perth Access Control and Security

Principal: Daniel Francis - licensed and accredited

Perth Access Control & Security owner and principal Daniel Francis has extensive knowledge in the security industry and more than 10 years experience, specialising in Access Control, CCTV and Locksmithing.

Daniel will understand your requirements and will professionally work out the best solution tailored to your needs. Technology is of course evolving very fast within security and locksmithing and ongoing training and attendance at new product launches is a must. One of the important fast advancing areas is keyless entry and we are happy to explain this intelligent technology and make it user-friendly for you.

Some of the features of keyless entry:

  • Audit Trails - all entry and exit points through the locking device are monitored and logged and access is easily traceable for increased security and management
  • Time zones - can be set onto key tags/credentials for controlled access during desired periods e.g. classrooms in schools to be set to school hours only, but providing option to add a different time zone for special auhorised users
  • CCTV - (Closed Circuit Television) - Security Cameras are now considered essential for your safety and security in all areas of your premises inside and out
  • Infra-red - is generally considered one of the prime features of security cameras. The IR L.E.D. that enable recording vision in low light or no light scenarios. The camera L.E.D. is not visible to the observer and thereby its function is concealed from unauthorised persons.
  • Megapixels - Note how camera and smartphone advertisements talk mainly about Megapixels, and they have been using this for years as a marketing trick as if having more Megapixels were the only thing that matters about camera quality. The truth is quite different.

In conclusion, do not choose a camera or smartphone just for its Megapixel resolution. Choose for the sensor quality, the lenses quality, the ability to take photos under lower light conditions, etc. And if it also has more Megapixels, even better.